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Località Sereni, Marina di Camerota, Salerno

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The Persano Oasis is a wetland of international importance, according to the Ramsar Convention, located in Campania. The animal symbol of the Persano Oasis is the otter, which hides in the thick poplar grove and among the willows along the river. Established in 1980 and managed in agreement with the Right Sele remediation consortium. The oasis encompasses an area of ​​about 300 hectares, included in the largest area, subject to a landscape and fauna constraint of 3,400 hectares since 1977. Several precious specimens of flora and fauna find their ideal habitat in the oasis: wild orchids, cattails, daffodils, yellow irises that color the arboreal landscape made up of black and white poplars, ash trees and Fraxynus oxicarpa; black alder willows and reeds characterize the hydrophilic forest, a marshy environment that favors the nesting of different species of waterfowl, such as kingfisher, dipper, cormorant.

Like fauana, in addition to the otter, the oasis of the weasel, the skunk, the badger, the wild boar flock.

There is also no lack of fish fauna, such as the Apennine arborella. And despite being a protected area, the oasis is accessible through various nature trails, as demonstrated by the visitor center inside and the different observation huts.

The Oasis, open all year round, has a visitor center with a reconstruction for educational purposes, of a Paleolithic village. The path along the left bank of about 1 km and a second path of 400 m. All along the route there are eight observation huts. Two other observation points are located on the right bank of the Sele, one in the industrial area of ​​Campagna and another at the mouth of the river Tenza, a tributary of the Sele.