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Località Sereni
84059 Marina di Camerota, Salerno
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Località Sereni, Marina di Camerota, Salerno

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Punta Licosa

When you arrive in Punta Licosa you will immediately notice why its beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. You can reach it with a fresh and fragrant path through a pine forest, and suddenly this pristine beach paradise will open up in front of you. The sand is white and the water is very clean. All around, to protect the beach, there is a lush and wild nature. If you love diving, the coves of Punta Licosa will make you dream. You will also be able to see the incredible remains of a submerged Roman villa. From the beach you will then find yourself in front of an islet, called Licosa. It is said that it was named after the mermaid Leucosia, who died of love by jumping from a cliff and whose body turned into a rock. Legends are the order of the day in Cilento, so be prepared to hear all the colors during your tour.